Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ebook cover

My first book cover! It's for an ebook called, "Easter from the Perspective of Contemporaneous Jews" by Anant Raut. The author wanted the cover to be a parody of the Last Supper (Da Vinci) with Jesus walking back into the scene and freakin out all the apostles. It was just put up on Amazon's kindle store so take a look! It's short but really funny and only a buck!

I would really love to do more book covers in the future.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recent study

Here's a recent study I did from a photo. Working on a concept for a contest right now that will have a very alluring Japanese woman so I've been doing some studies. The original photo is here.

Got some more sketches I did at the beach this past week. Still don't have a scanner so I'll upload them once I can photograph them in proper light.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some freelance storyboards

Tis a sin I have not uploaded work here in so long! I've been busy both with my day job and artwork, I just haven't uploaded much yet. That will change soon! In the mean time, here's some storyboards I did for some different clients several months ago.

This first storyboard was for Mil-tek Recycling and Waste Solutions. It was for use in a company pitch to show another company the usefulness and money saving opportunities of their recycling compressors.

The second one, also for Mil-tek, was to show how a corporate office could make use of similar products.

Lastly, the following drawings were commissioned by Aperspective Media for use on their website, and will at some point be used as a storyboard and basis for a sand artist to turn these into sand images for a potential commercial or similar advertising campaign.