Monday, December 16, 2013

Nantucket Historical Association Museum Children's Activity Book

This past summer I did a commission for the Nantucket Historical Association creating artwork for an entirely new childrens' activity book planned to be released next year. The book will allow children to interact with the Whaling Museum's collections in a meaningful way that teaches them about the artifacts they see through fun games and activities.

Above is a wrap-around cover I did; the final book will have text over it. The paintings were designed to focus on the artifacts and history of Nantucket in a child-friendly, non-graphic-side-of-whaling manner. The paintings below are a small selection of the many works I did for the book. The rest can be viewed in the book when it is completed. All illustrations were done with a mixture of watercolor and photoshop painting.

Brant Point Lighthouse

The Legend of Maushop
(a Wampanoag tale)

Scrimshaw Bicorn Horse Pie Crimper
(it's a side view but the thing actually has two horns)

Toby Jug
(yes, it is scary)

Giant Squid
(a sperm whale's favorite food)

Sperm Whale


Thursday, December 5, 2013


I've been wanting to do this piece for a couple years! Literally! But I always struggled trying to achieve a composition I like and find a way to really do Venom justice, so I hope I've unlocked that achievement! He's my favorite comic book villain >:D freaked me out when I was a kid tho. Thanks to all the con-going artist friends who critiqued this before I uploaded it so I could make some fun adjustments! Onto the next project.

Venom and Spider-man are ©Marvel

You can get a full view download of this on my deviant art page for it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vampire Llama for 20K dA Views!

Recently I passed the 20,000 pageview mark on deviantART. It's nothing compared to how many views some of the people I follow have lol, but you gotta start somewhere right? And each and every pageview means the world to me.

So as thanks, I decided to resurrect an old character I came up with in college with a friend: Vampire Llama! Interestingly enough, posting this and submitting it to a bunch of dA llama fan groups got me a wealth more pageviews. People are obsessed with llamas! I'm intending on drawing a lot more of him in the future. Maybe a comic?