Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Self Portrait - Adjustments

Quick post - did some much needed fixes to my self portrait from the previous post, namely fixing the mouth, darkening the facial shadows, and lowering the jawline. It looks waaaay better now. I don't look like I'm giving anybody the :/ face anymore!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Self Portrait

About time I did a new self portrait. I had been sorting through and deleting a lot of brushes in Photoshop that I don't need and I came across one that gives a great oil-painted feel. Definitely want to experiment with it more in the future. Plus I've been looking at Kent William's work a lot lately so that was some direct inspiration. All these combined into an in-the-moment need to paint this! I used a reference, but it was taken long before this was painted and not designed with lighting in mind so unfortunately it's not the most flattering lighting. It was mostly for me to experiment with this brush and style of painting, and I'm pretty happy with it!